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bodhi warrior

  1. Is Shaolin-Do for real?

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    Here is a video by a Choy Li Fut sifu demonstrating a back hand slap from his system. It is almost identical to the move we were taught in the 2nd white crane form at brown belt. I donít think Iíve seen another system do this move so close to Shaolin do. It kinda makes a point Iíve believed for awhile. The core material and the movements can trace their roots to Shaolin. Even though the arrangement of form movements themselves are different. I have found other connections as well. Anyway. Have
  2. Is Shaolin-Do for real?

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    I started in the art in 1985, but never trained in class directly with either of them. I have many "fun" stories from my teacher who did train directly with them for many years.
    I love hearing stories from the old days.
  3. Is Shaolin-Do for real?

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    Do your remember Hiang's class where we got to sit in the snow and ice and do breathing techniques? Or GMT class at Shively in the snow and ice?
    Hard training. They had it right back then. Now it's more and more forms