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  1. Lo Meng help ground breaking for Shaw Museum in Tijuana,Mexico

    We had the honor of Shaw Brother living legend Lo Meng join us to celebrate the groundbreaking of are new Museum , dedicated to Hong Kong actors like the late Lau Kar Leung and Alexander Fu Sheng and others. He also gave us special blessings

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  2. In Memory of Brandon Lee

    This was given to the daughter of Bruce Lee. Shannon Lee and her mother Linda Lee Cadwell.
    at the Wing Luke Museum on Oct 3-4 to celebrate Bruce Lee's 75th and Brandon Lee 50th Birthday Anniversary!! we made a bust to honor the memory of Brandon. last year we did one of Bruce too!

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    we even making a another bust to look like the crow
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  3. bust of Lau Kar Leung

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    We will be donating this bust to Lau Kar Leung family in Hong Kong this Aug. We feel this long over due for this great man.
  4. Lau Kar Leung bust Done!!!

    We are proud to say, were done making the Lau Kar Leung bust and we are donating it to his family and student Mark Ho in Hong Kong. Attachment 9090Attachment 9091Attachment 9092