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Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. Marital Arts | Kung Fu Weapons - Gun (Staff)

    Gun (staff)is a long weapon without edge. it is generally known as "the father of no-edge weapons". Staff is classified by its thickness and length. There are long staff, three-section staff, big two-section staff, small two-section staff, and Qimei staff, etc. Major staff techniques include splitting, sweeping, jabbing, picking, wrapping, turning, pounding, pointing, snapping, and so on.

    These techniques are combined with certain footwork and body technique for form various ...
  2. History of Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu)
    Learn Kung Fu and traditional martial arts in China- Maling shaolin Kung Fu Academy China

    Chinese martial arts has a long and rich history. Originally as individual combat skill, martial arts was developed by Chinese ancestors in their struggle against natural and social environments to survive. Kung Fu is a colloquial term used around the world for it. Since the day it was born, Chinese martial arts has been closely connected with traditional Chinese ...

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