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  1. Taiji splitting elbow talk

    Taiji splitting elbow talk

    Youtube video reference:

    September 16, 2014
    Thanks for the comments Audi

    I think we're all the same...most of us in the Martial Arts world i.e., "we love to keep learning". If you have any references on your patterns, maybe videos or articles I'd love to check them out. Much appreciated.

    About what you said: "one thing I might do differently ...
  2. In Terms of Taiji Root and Center

    These are posts I made from a different forum but I wanted to post them:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bao
    A few meetings lately have made me thinking about my own flaws and gaps. (Yeah, I have a lot of those )
    One of the things I am trying to understand better is the relationship between root/ground and the center. My teachers focused much on rooting, but less on developing
  3. The Most interesting man in the world

    Yes, yes...we all know it's true!

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  4. Chin na: Generally useful?

    Quote Originally Posted by Subitai View Post
    Thing about this is most people think of Chin Na as joint locks and for all intents and purposes: some variety of standing chin na at that....NOT ALL YOU GUYS OF COURSE. I'm speaking of the proverbial "THEY".

    But it's not really that of course...I was taught that it's anytime you're seizing and holding someone = usually in a vulnerable or compromised position. Can it be literal joint locks? Yes but not always. For example, you hold a guys arm behind his back to control
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