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  1. Who are kung fu masters who don't hold back in teaching?

    Quote Originally Posted by David Jamieson View Post
    I have no idea how any student would have any idea that any teacher is holding anything back.

    We know nothing of the style when we come into it.
    When your teacher teach you one technique, you can also ask him how to counter it. If your teacher is not willing to teach you that counter, he is holding back.

    My teacher taught me how to drag my opponent's arm and run in circle. He told me not to teach the counter just to anybody. He tried to hold back that ...
  2. Application used in sparring

    Quote Originally Posted by wiz cool c View Post
    people talking trash ...
    When you open the window, both butterfly and mosquito will fly in.
  3. Why vertical fist?

    Quote Originally Posted by guy b. View Post
    arm break sounds like a fantasy move.
    Many years ago in one Chicago workshop, a boxer walked to an old man and said, "I training boxing. If I use boxing on you, what will you do?" The old man said, "come and show me." The old man started to use continuous left and right front heel kicks to force the boxer to step back against the wall.

    - When the boxer through a right punch toward the old man's face,
    - the old man used his left hand to push on ...
  4. Tai Chi Maxims

    In reference to video:
    Sun Tai Chi Application Repulse Monkey

    Originally Posted by Rebel Wado

    I am liking the attention to details you include in your videos.

    From what I've seen, you appear to use a lot of the "partner set" type of training that goes sort of like: Partner A attacks, partner B counters, partner A counters the counter, partner B counters the counter to

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  5. Thanks from Michael

    Quote Originally Posted by mpstaples View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
    Mr. Staples,

    Thanks for the heads-up on the new book.

    I still have your books on White Crane, Hop Gar, and a third one, Tibetan Kung Fu: The Way of the Monk. Bought them back in the early '80s. Good books. Glad to know all is going well with you.
    Thanks back, Jimbo. Back then there weren't many books about kung-fu. Most of what was out there was shaolin, in one form or another. Robert Smith had a book out on Hsing Yi and one
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