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  1. ID this mantis style?

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    Each method has a purpose.
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    well I think it was just a good way to get a beginner to feel the torque, to learn that when you punch one hand forward, you add to the power by pulling opposite shoulder back.
    When I was 11, my brother in law taught me an open hand form "八卦拳(Bagua Quan)" (not from the Bagua system) and a pole form "劈手杆 (Pi Shou Gan)". One day I got into a fight. When I asked him after the fight and told
  2. Influence of Shuai Jiao on TMA

    There are too much to cover in this subject. But IMO, the SC influence to the TCMA is the "leg movement". From a striker point of view, the leg can be used for kicking. From a SC guy point of view, the leg can be used to sweep, scoop, stick, sharpening, cut, hook, spring, lift, spring, bite, twist, ... Also SC can diveided a human body into 4 sides and 2 doors. If one just learn 6 techniques, he can cover all situatons. Since when you set up a technique such as leg lift, you can use the ...