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  1. Oh jeez that's quite a predicament. Hopefully surgery goes well and you are no longer in pain. Being active and keeping a low weight should also help. Not sure how any of that Medicare stuff works though :P
  2. I'm still alive as of this keystroking.I need dental work before surgery to replace my hips. I tested out with no infections but I should check -verify if That's good enough for the surgery. Here's the thing. I hurt but I managed movement for decades and studied pain. I'm daily calculating moving--preasure,angle,balance...If I surgery there's No control of my leg- something goes wrong I have to , Have to be seen by a surgeon-That's schedule and a big lack of control. Plus the cost of the fix-even if I had medicade still there's something off about being at the whims of the surgical community. Plus I can looses medicade and not have a means to be seen by a doctor. I don't think I should be able to fix out of that but I'd really like to try to do what recovery. I do not want to trade pain and suffering I can fix if I apply myself[note It's severe arthrits with autofused hips]...I No_Know I'm alive. I Think. I Breathe. I Dream. No_Know
  3. Saying Hi when I can-ish...Hi :-) - No_Know
  4. Nice vids on Myspace
  5. Squirrel seems to be ongoing. There is basis and a point at which to write stuff. It is. yet it develops. Thank you.

  6. I hope you are able to finalize the squirrel kung fu =]
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