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  1. I'm free anytime between monday afternoons to friday at 6 in the morning.

    I wouldn't mind travelling to your place, or a nearby park in order to practice. (I live on 183rd and Halsey)

    Might be interested in checking that school out. But either way, you have a training partner here should you need it.

  2. Hi there, it will depend on your schedule mainly. i start training hsing yi in a few days, but i dont now the teacher or invironment so i will be testing that out. other than that i have a very busy schedule so it depends on when you plan on training. when the instructor gets back into town maybe you will be interested in that training? it may be pretty affordable. i have family in from out of town at the moment so i am hosting them. let me know what your schedule looks like. will be in touch.
  3. I see you are from Portland... myself as well.

    Was wondering if you were interested in practicing wing chun, or any other varient of kung fu with a partner?

    Contact me after or during monday afternoon please: 503-545-two-four-eight-six

    Thank you,
    Rossco G.
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