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  1. To clear the dark beside the eye do the action of rubbing the sleep out of the corner of the eye but closer to the nose bridge. Of course consult a health-care professional or the sort. I am doing this angled nose-bridge rubbing and I hear a popping noise from where the lower corner of my eyes lift away.

  2. The bruise is healing well thanks. Still a little darkness around where the eye meets to the brige of the nose but I have to look for it to notice it. I tried your technique on it and I think it may have helped although I didn't use it regularly enough to be sure one way or the other. I've been traveling and really busy the last couple months.
  3. How's the bruise?

  4. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. I'm especially grateful because your the only one out of thirty posts to have any ideas about how to heal the bruise.
    I'll try your technique and see if it works.
  5. I put some thoughts about your bruise and treating it on the training and health forum. By the way I think that you might have a bloodshot eye while it is healing.

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