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  1. Hey Drake, are you still interested in a meetup? I think i am stable enough now as far as living conditions (I live by Peterson AFB), and I would really love to get back into training. My email address is, and i'll give my number through a pm. Feel free to txt me whenever.
  2. Oh, it's a military exercise. I'll basically be unreachable for most of August. Next one after that isn't until next Feb, though.
  3. Yeah, once a week sounds about right. What kind of conditioning are you doing that takes up two months?
  4. Sounds good. We'll be rolling back in at the end of August. You thinking once a week or something similar?
  5. Well, I plan on being there by the end of June, but I won't be settled until near the end of July. What is it?
  6. When are you going to be out here? We have a training exercise that will eat up most of July and August.
  7. Hey Drake, I'm gonna be moving back to the Springs soon and I wanna start training again, so I was thinking about starting a meetup group out there. I was wondering if maybe you would be interested in it at all? If so, PM me and well discuss it.
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