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  1. Hi,

    I trained under Gregory Fong for a very short amount of time. But my time with him was very beneficial in my personal development. He is great with all sorts of people from young to old, new to experienced. Be ready for his sense of humor he does like to joke a lot, he also has a bit of an old school mixed with new school teaching style. He will push you and find your limits, and then develop you from there. If you are interested in meeting him, he is a very friendly man that welcomes all into his door. I simply showed up downtown at the center before the beginning of his Chen Taiji class, and he let me jump right in and try it out.

    I hope this helps
  2. I saw you trained under Gregory Fong and I am really interested in what he has to teach. I was wondering if it'd be appropriate training with him if I only have about half a year of martial experience.
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