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  1. Hello EarthDragon,

    I just wanted to applaud you for teaching a great system,
    8 step mantis with a very reasonable
    amount of hand forms, 5.

    I began my training with Shaolin Kenpo for 4 years
    and then
    trained with my instructors' Sifu for almost eight
    years in CCK Tai Chi Praying mantis kung fu.

    I practice nine hand forms and the basic weapons,
    staff, broadsword, spear, and jian. There are 12
    hand forms and more weapon forms than I could
    easily count in CCKTCPM.

    In all the time that I studied with my teachers in
    CCKTCPM We only practiced applications about 5
    times and it was not even half a class.

    Finding an instructor in Massachusetts that is willing
    to teach a Chinese system for self defense is rare.

    Your students are lucky to find such an enlightened

    I truly agree with your training philosophy and methods.


    Steve Harris
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