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  1. Hi;
    Didn't see your visitor message till now.
    Sure, I can do some research for you. My northern Shaolin research ends and overlaps with Choy Gar and Choy Li Fut beginnings.
    Please email me at and we can discuss, thanks

  2. Hi Sal,
    I enjoy reading your articles on the forum. I practice and teach the 5 Family Style, Choy li Fut Mok Hung, of the late Grandmaster Ark Y wong. Our Choy Li Fut is different than the style most practiced today as well as the Hung style (Five animals - Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Dragon and Crane). Our kicks are incorporated from the Mok style. Ark Wong was from the Canton area and one of his teachers was a monk Pang, supposedly of the Southern Shaolin temple. This would have been after the Boxer Rebellion. In your studies, have you come across any information to this style? Most information I have read is somewhat nebulous.
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