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  1. I have it in a PDF format. To attach an image, it asks for an url.... and I have it on my desktop, no url. Here's my email address. Send me an email so I can hit reply with the recipe. Once your recipe has "cooked" for 6 months, I can give you some pointers for the IP training.
  2. man, i would most appreciate anything you have to offer. thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Kristcaldwell,
    If you are interested, I can email you Ark Wong's (Five Family Style) Dit Da Jow recipe for iron palm training. It's in Chinese. It also has a chi gung breathing excercise with it (also in Chinese). I mix the recipe in cheap dark rum (one gallon) and let it sit in a dark place for 6 months before using. I used to do iron palm and iron skin training years ago. I am studying classical guitar so I don't hit the bricks anymore, but I still use the jow for sore muscles and bruises. It's a great recipe.
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