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  1. Hi Miqi,

    Thought you might find this interesting if you haven't already seen it. It's part two of a video of Yi Quan (I think it is of the founder of Yi Quan's Son? Grandson? Not sure)

    This is from part 2, If you skip to 21:15, he is showing some sort of basic applications/controlled sparring very briefly

    Perhaps you do this in your own Yi Quan school? It looks like what Yi Quan practitioners might do to branch off or take the 'next step' toward fighting?

    Also there seems to be some Yi Quan-style Tui Shou - pushing hands practice of some sort following that as well.
  2. Hi Mathew,
    Thanks for the clarification. You've got me there - I just assume that if the video is being put up, it's being claimed to be an example of 'internal force in action' - but now that you point it out, I actually haven't read any such claim being made in words. My 17 year old son, who is smaller than me and weighs a lot less than me, often pushes me over - he does it just for fun, when I stand up from the sofa. I always think - wow - how easy it is to push someone over if they're off balance. I mean - it is SO easy. Anyway - all these arguments about internal and external - thesedays I just think, well, we all enjoy what we do, nothing can be decided over the net - live and let live as my Mum used to say.
  3. Hi Miqi,

    Maybe my response to you was too wordy - to me it simply looks like the person being pushed is just allowing himself to be pushed. In other words, he is putting himself off balance, and his reaction of "flying back" is his body trying to become balanced.

    If you purposely put yourself slightly off balance, and let someone push you, I believe you would fully have the reaction seen in the video.

    Try standing on your tippy toes all the way with sticking your butt out - or doing anything to put you purposely off balance. If someone pushed you then, you would either fall flat on your butt - or - if your feet were fast enough to get underneath you- you may have a dramatic reaction of "taking 3 or 4 steps back to catch your balance".

    I'm not aware if there are claims being made to the contrary that you may be alluding to in "this isn't possible or real" comment you made.

    Just my two cents,

  4. Hi Mathew,
    That is the right video. There is nothing, in my experience, that would allow that kind of push to achieve that kind of result. Nor does the reaction of the uke look in any way genuine to me. Still - it could just be that my lack of experience is precisely the issue. Until I actually meet someone who claims to be able to do this kind of thing, I'll never be able to say for absoloute sure... so, live and let live.
  5. Hi Miqi, I may have watched the wrong video. I don't know what you mean by "what is being shown is not real or possible" - is it the video with an older guy pushing around a guy in an orange shirt?

    I may have hit the wrong link.

  6. Hi Mathew,
    Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on the video. Personally, I don't think that what is shown in the video is real or possible - but that could just be due to my lack of experience.
  7. Hi Miqi,

    I watched the video that you linked to (the one with Orange shirted guy, right?)

    To answer your question - I think it is just a demonstration Orange being an accepting partner.

    I don't know either of their skill levels from personal experience so IDK their relative levels beyond this demo.

    The individual doing the pushing clearly has vigor and seemingly good posture despite what might be an older age.

    It's clear how easy he is taking advantage of orange's weak posturing - but I don't think it is due to significantly high level of relative skill & experience as much as lack-of-resistance from Orange for demo purpose.

    There may be degrees that both factors play roles in push hands/demos- In other words - sometimes high relative skill causes the defender to have seemingly weak posturing/poor strategy, but is mistaken for full complicity in a demo.

    My bet is Orange is just helping the Demo by sacrificing structure.

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