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  1. Greetings Jimbo,

    Do you have any info on Huang Pei Chi? He was the choreographer fo the film Killer Constable. I was told that he was in San Francisco around 1998. and that he had students. I do not know whether that was in Hong Kong or San Francisco. I was looking for demo footage. -- mickey
  2. Greetings Jimbo,

    I got your request. I am extremely low tech when it comes to computers. I do not know what to do with it. mickey
  3. Hey,

    It was predicted that Obama would drop the knowledge on UFOs during his presidency. Did you catch it? There was a recent (in the last 10 days) White House statement saying there are no UFOs. That means that they know what the craft is and they know the beings who fly them. That simple statement dropped so much info and the people awaiting a direct admission missed it big time. In one of the early seasons of "In Search Of" an "extraterrestrial" community was shown. They looked human and they had very mathematical responses to the questions asked of them (actually it was one person answering questions). -- mickey
  4. Greetings Jimbo,

    I have not heard of the book you mention. Presently, I am trying to stay awake during these times. Media has been working hard to keep us sleeping. I usually pursue books that facilitate my process of awakening.

  5. Hi Jimbo. I hope things are well with you. I am just reading your message, today. It is interesting that you contacted me the same day I purchased Eric Pearl's book. Re the E8 pattern: the geometries I saw were not stationary and they did not have color. They were totally unexpected. I did learn from my thread about Kangen water was that the term "placebo" is used for anything science cannot understand . Thank you for sharing about the E8. If it happens again, I will be more alert. Take Care, mickey
  6. Hi Jimbo,

    I have heard a lot about The Reconnection. I even received a distant treatment from a Reiki practitioner. I found it to be a very grounding experience. Since I work with ascending energies, I was not too impressed. Maybe the geometries were the result of heightened activation or further decalcification of the pineal gland. I have yet to get the book on The Reconnection.-- mickey
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