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  1. Hi
    hoping you could answer a question for me please.
    I am doing research into the Ten Tigers of Canton and came across one of your posts from 2007 :-Golden Hook Li (bearded Li) happens to also be Sing Lung under a different name. Tit Kiuh Sam actually studied with him BEFORE Wong Yan Lam did.
    Where did you hear this from please ?
    Any thing else you can share about these Teh Tigers would be greatly appreciated.
    I have a much more detailed history of So Hark Fu than we have released on our web site. After some conversations with my Si-Hing Eris Tsai, I have so far been able to find out that there was a definite exchange of methods etc between So Hark Fu & Wong Kei-Ying, So Chan (Beggar So), Wong Yan-Lam and Leung Kwan (Tit Kiu Saam). I think this list will expand as I dig deeper.
    Paul Burkinshaw
    Hark Fu Mun (UK Branch)
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