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  1. I have great respect for sifu Eric Li. We should get together. I have also trained with sifu Fred Kwok.( Jiu Wan) You haven't lived till you've been 'Kwoked' : )
  2. my line is sigong Leung Ting, Wood Nan, Me
    sigong Wong Shun Leung Leung, Li Man Kit, Me
    Sigong Tsui Shueng Ting, sifu Simon Ng/ sifu Leo Lit, me
  3. oh, this is so cool, I am training with sifu Simon Ng part time... I knew you had some VT. Do you want to train?
  4. Hi, who do you train with. I do wing chun with sifu Eric Li, Ip Ching lineage.
  5. Hey FrankieMantis!I'm in the Vancouver area. I'm into 'Chun and TGK. Love to train. Maybe we can get together for some training.
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