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  1. Hello Kenshiro,

    You are definitely on the right track. In the Wing Chun world there are a lot of differences of opinion. Many arise from cluelessness, while a few are valid, but functional differences. Unfortunately the Mcdojo phenomenon is reflected in forum's such as this one where only a very small minority of posters are actual Wing Chun practitioners.

    So yes, it is best to concentrate on the posts of authentic practitioners, even if some of them may have different ways, and take the posts from the majority, who are in actuality, nothing but practitioners of the encient art of WIND Chun, with a pinch of salt.
  2. Hi,

    Just figured you might want to know who I am learning from.
    I do not really buy into promoting a lineage or anything but it runs thus:

    Ip Man, Ho Kam Ming, Rene Ng, Pete Roberts and his SD group.

    Of course Pete's always busy but he's a great teacher and I'm glad to have met him and Rene. A lot of what they say makes sense, and they tell stories and Pete's shared some of (Sigung?) Rene's videos from his days training with Lui Ming Fai, I think back in his prime, which is how I came across the Kung Fu quest video as well.

    I am guessing this guy I am "talking" with in the threat I made does not think too much of everything I've typed, however reading in on other posts in other threads, currently the P.Bayer thread, I somehow think I am on the right track.

    Anyway thanks for welcoming me to the forums, I'll read these threads with both interest and a grain of salt.

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