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  1. Hi Billy,

    Don't know if you've found anything yet. I am hardly ever on this forum anymore. I can't stand all the armchair warriors who believe their own bull****. I live in Huntington, and that's where we currently have a small class. Main school is in Queens. If you ever want to meet up to work out or find out more about our school - let me know. Our school website is My number is 301-213-3525. Hope to hear from you. - Peter
  2. Hi mun hung I'm Billy. I am very curious since you live on LI what wing chun school do you belong to . I have been looking for a good wing chun school on LI but only know of 2. The first one is in Westbury run by sifu John Crescione and the second is now closed and was run by sifu Chris Serras. Both of whom were students of William Cheung. In your wing chun arrogance thread you mentioned that a student of William Cheungs came to visit your school and I assume that since you are not a traditonalist wing chunner that your sifu is not one of the two above that I mentioned. I would really be happy to locate another Li wing chun school. Please let me know so I can join. Thanks, Billy
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