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Influence of Shuai Jiao on TMA

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There are too much to cover in this subject. But IMO, the SC influence to the TCMA is the "leg movement". From a striker point of view, the leg can be used for kicking. From a SC guy point of view, the leg can be used to sweep, scoop, stick, sharpening, cut, hook, spring, lift, spring, bite, twist, ... Also SC can diveided a human body into 4 sides and 2 doors. If one just learn 6 techniques, he can cover all situatons. Since when you set up a technique such as leg lift, you can use the same set up for leg spring or inner hook, those 6 techniques can easierly be expanded into 20 moves. The striking art is as simple as "fist/foot meets body". Do we (or should we) look at our striking art this way as well?
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