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Shaolin Kung Fu

Marital Arts | Kung Fu Weapons - Gun (Staff)

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Gun (staff)is a long weapon without edge. it is generally known as "the father of no-edge weapons". Staff is classified by its thickness and length. There are long staff, three-section staff, big two-section staff, small two-section staff, and Qimei staff, etc. Major staff techniques include splitting, sweeping, jabbing, picking, wrapping, turning, pounding, pointing, snapping, and so on.

These techniques are combined with certain footwork and body technique for form various forms (taolu). Staff is noted for its power, speed, unpredictable movements and coverage range. It can be practiced individually or in group. Styles of staff play differ from one another but share common principles. Staff play must be fast and ferocious, with the player holding the staff with two hands and wielding it swiftly. As a wushu proverb goes, "Qiang (spear) plunges in a straight line, while Gun sweeps a whole area."

Staff is the most basic and handy weapon of all wushu arms. A wushu practitioner could never command other weapons if he had failed to practice staff or learn its techniques.

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