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chris bougeard

Best Wing Chun KO in MMA - Iron Wolves Fighter Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun

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So please grow up and understand wing chun is not a computer game or a black and white result
Please stop with the silly insults and try to read what I am actually writing. For God's sake, I am even putting emphasis (highlights or italics) on words like before and during, so that there can't be any confusion.
Still flogging that dead horse. Put up or shut up, your opinions have zero credibility, your claims of sparring don't mesh with the questions you keep asking. SHOW US YOUR SPARRING, then maybe you can be taken a little more seriously. You just sound like a theorist who is upset because people with practical experience have a more informed opinion than yours.
This is one of the problems with forums like this, people can claim they have done things to validate their arguments which are manifestly false. However these same individuals take delight in trying to pick apart ACTUAL evidence , in the shape of clips, which back up what some others claim.
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