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Chan heung did not send cheung hung sing to fut san in 1867

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"In 1867, Chan Heung 陳享 sent one of his next (LAST) batch of students, Jeong Yim 張炎 to Fut San 佛山 (Foshan) to take over the school originally established by Chan Din-Foon 陳典桓 in 1848."

The above comment suggests that Cheung Hung Sing was part of Chan Heung's final group of students prior to him passing away in 1875. It also suggests that 1867 was the very first time Cheung Hung Sing was in the city of Fut San and that Chan Heung was responsible for sending him there to take over the school originally established by Chan Din-Foon 陳典桓.

NOTHING CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Here's why. Sixteen years prior to 1867 Cheung Hung Sing was sent to Fut San in 1849 by Monk Ching Cho (Green Grass Monk). In the Chan Heung records it doesn't say Cheung Hung Sing's only purpose in Fut San was to take over for Chan Din Foon. What it says is "Cheung Hung Sing "returned" (meaning he'd already had a school open in Fut San) to "re-open" his Hung Sing Kwoon in 1867".

In further debunking of the notion that 1867 was the period when Cheung Hung Sing became a student of Chan Heung in comparison to the year 1851, various sources now say Cheung Hung Sing was with Chan Heung in 1856 when a local King Mui tyrant name Zhou Huan challenged Cheung Hung Sing to a ring match. In this story Chan Heung allegedly instructs Cheung Hung Sing to use the Lightning Cutting Palm technique to defeat Zhou Huan. Additionally, some writings claim Cheung Hung Sing asked Chan Heung for permission to open a school in Kong Mun while using Chan Heung's Great Sage school name between 1851-1856. Therefore the notion that Cheung Hung Sing was a last batch student of Chan Heung is easily debunked.

I am encouraging the new generation of Choy Lee Fut students to keep their eyes open for these historical inaccuracies and to ask questions in order to get clear and precise answers. Choy Lee Fut which includes Chan Fam, Fut San Hung Sing, and Buk Sing lineages - has a deep rich history. We owe it to ourselves and our elders to dig for the truth and to disregard the lies and misinformation that is taking place here in 2015.

Sifu Frankie Mc
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