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On Keeping the Shoulders Relaxed

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On Keeping the Shoulders Relaxed
October 2, 2012
Everyone in CMA says "relax the shoulder and sink the elbow"...but some don't know what to feel or how to achieve it.

Stand about arm length away from a wall and push with say one of your palms; Right palm flat against the wall for example with your fingers aligned upwards (Index finger at least shoulder height)

To train this feeling... sink your arm down and extend it slightly out of the shoulder joint. Literally feel your Humerus bone (upper arm bone) slightly pull down and away as you push on the wall. When you do this right, there will be a small divot or crater at the top of your shoulder. You could pour water into it and it would stay there. haha.

You can maintain this push for a long time if your structure is correct.

Body memory is easy to train,