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shaolin monks

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What is shaolin monks?How to Shaolin Monk Training kung fu

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Shaolin monks of Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners,also regarded as the most loyal soldier.However, Shaolin Kung Fu is much more than just a martial art. It is part of a complete spirituality that is grounded in Buddhism. The path of a Shaolin Monk, if you choose to follow it, will require you to completely change your life. Shaolin Monks give up much, restrain themselves from typical pleasures that we take for granted, and have lives completely dedicated to their faith.shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most respected and revered martial arts traditions in the world.

Beyond the mysticism Shaolin is a style of Chinese martial arts developed by the monks of the Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist monastery in China.
You’ve probably seen the modern day Shaolin Monks perform awe-inspiring physical feats from acrobatics to being able to survive blows from hard objects to soft areas.
The Shaolin possess a powerful balance of physical and mental attributes built around what I call the Five S’s to Re-Balance Your Body (and Mind), taught in the Movement Monk Mentorships, and also via this blog.
Now let’s get to what I’ve learned about Shaolin Monks, and the lessons they’ve taught me about how to safely get flexible fast from a body and mind perspective.
Shaolin monks can perform incredible feats of mental and physical prowess that appear impossible. They balance precariously for hours in a crouching position on wooden posts buried in the ground. They bang their heads against each other to harden their skulls and repeatedly strike vessels of water and other objects to develop palm strength. They run up and down stone stairways on all fours without getting tired. They hang upside down and do headstands for long periods of time.
These monks carry out these exercises seemingly with ease. While many of their extraordinary acts seem like stunts, they’re not. These monks spend many hours a day honing their skills. It takes practice, training, and mental discipline to carry out these incredible feats of strength.

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Zen Shaolin boxing alike due to the known world. "Fist to temple name, temple to boxing display." After generation of monks long practical experience and historical evolution of the formation of the unique martial arts system, which in plain hardness and softness, moves varied combat style spread so far.

Shaolin Kungfu practiced by monks from Shaolin Monastery takes martial arts to a brand new level. As Shaolin monks believe the strength comes only from the mind, there are almost no limits to what can be done with their bodies during the trainings. They practice techniques centered around balance, strength, endurance, and self defense. They can endure incredible amounts of pain while barely flinching. The design and arrangements of their movements are based on the medical knowledge of ancient China and conforms to the rule of movement of the human body.

What is the daily schedule for the monks growing up at the temple?
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Since the ancient times to the date, daily life of the shaolin monks at Shaolin temple have included to study and practice Chan Buddhism, to study and practice kung fu, and doing the temple affairs, like cleaning the temple, working at the farms, guarding the area, etc.

When a novice monk arrives at the temple, the first thing they have to attain is stamina. Think of stamina as energy for training. Without stamina, there’s no training. This is why, when students ask me what they need to prepare for the summer camp, I tell them, just run. I don’t mind if they’ve never done any martial arts before. All I ask is they have stamina.

Stamina is key for a professional Shaolin Martial Artist. Our stamina training is similar to the stamina training of a boxer. A combination of explosive stamina and endurance. Don’t underestimate endurance stamina. It’s a way for the body to recover and it’s also a great way to boost stamina. You need to do both for exceptional stamina. I recommend varying your long distance runs. Build up during the week so it’s 5k, 6k, 8k, 10k. And each time you run, time yourself and give yourself a goal for each run so you’re always challenging yourself. Run your 5 and 6k runs as fast as you can. At the end of your run, do a series of sprints. Hill sprints are great if you have hills near you. If you’re not able to run you can skip. This is your warm up. You’re now ready to train.

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Now let’s see the shaolin monks daily routine to know more about their kung fu training.

How to shaolin monks training?

5:20 am: rising from bed,
5:35–6:30: morning kung fu practice: warm-up and basic skills.
6:40–7:40: morning Buddhist lessons,
7:45–8:30: morning meal,
9:00–11:30: doing temple affairs, like working at farms, chopping wood, commercial affairs; elder and child monks attend Buddhist classes.
11:30–12:30: lunch
12:40–14:00: noon rest time,
14:00–17:00: afternoon kung fu practice: martial exercises and combat skills.
17:10–18:40: evening Buddhist lessons,
18:50–19:30: dinner,
21:00–23:00: 1 hour of night kung fu practice: reviewing and every kind of exercise.
23:10: going to bed.
The first Shaolin exercise the novice monk learns is the Five Fundamental Stances. In the gym, students squat with weights in order to strengthen their legs and core. The Five Fundamental Stances are similar but the squats come from different angles. They open the hips, strengthen the core, help with balance, and increase static stamina.

At the training session, basic skills are practiced. Morning training begins with empty stomach, by warming up, which includes loosening up the body via rotating the joints and then by stamina training via endurance exercises such as various kinds of running, jumping, push-ups, etc . Then the “child skills” such as flexibility and balance are practiced for about a half hour. Flexibility training is done via stretching exercises, and balance training is done via keeping the body balanced in different childish skills postures for a while. Usually, morning training takes 1 hour, but monks may train themselves by doing more basic exercises and other exercises such as practicing combat drills and routines, etc.
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Shaolin martial arts and kungfu in the most representative, the most cultural connotation, the religious culture, the most complete system, the most authoritative, and the most mysterious Chinese martial arts genre, it has undoubtedly become the mainstream Han Chinese martial arts.

If you are searching for a good place to learn Shaolin kung fu in China, Taizu Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is the best choice. China is the most popular destination of martial arts enthusiasts.

The Masters of the school are Shaolin warrior monks trained from an early age inside the original Shaolin Temple. They have rich experience teaching international students Kung Fu. providing a unique and amazing training experience. We have received so much positive feedback which inspires our masters to further help students discover how much they are capable of. The masters also have won many Kung Fu competitions and have given a large number of demonstrations in China and abroad.

Your Shaolin kung fu training will be full time and of a high quality. The full time nature of the course means that you will be learning all day. Compared to taking the odd class once or twice a week at home you will develop your skills at a completely different level! Inequable training methods and kung fu skills.