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About "Open and Close" in Sun Taiji...

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This is to help those interested in Sun Taiji...specifically about "Open and Close"

I write this because very often I see Sun Style "Kai-He" / Open and Close being performed (in my mind) incorrectly. Hope this helps.

Most people make the shape and do the rough form of "Open and Close". However, I'm writing this to point out the details of how the front and back side of the lungs are put into play. Your elbows should not pull backwards causing the front chest to PUFF forward (as if military puffing up in Attention). Doing it like that is NOT for harmony of the body. Most people make this mistake.

* You will not get this detail from books.

You should open and close (pull the elbows out laterally to the side BUT NOT BACKWARDS and compress the palms returning ) such that upon inhale and exhale you should feel not only the front side of your lungs but also the back side (even behind your shoulder blades) at the same time.
If we were in the same room I could show it to you easy. That'll be a $1000.00 please... just kidding.

Another hint, in Sun Style there is always "Duality" Up and Down, Forward and Backward... Open & Close = but at the same time.
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I learned Sun Taiji directly from Lam Kwong Wing and he was a direct disciple of Sun Jianyun. Up until his death...he was running the official Sun Style research school in the USA as from SJY school line. Our current organization left over in Sunnyvale, CA (area) is headed by one of my kf brothers. He is in contact with Beijing and other Sun branches from our line around the world.

I've been doing Sun Taiji since 97' and I've also had the honor of having corrections by SJY herself over a week of hard training. It was a privilege.
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