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bodhi warrior

Is Shaolin-Do for real?

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Here is a video by a Choy Li Fut sifu demonstrating a back hand slap from his system. It is almost identical to the move we were taught in the 2nd white crane form at brown belt. I donít think Iíve seen another system do this move so close to Shaolin do. It kinda makes a point Iíve believed for awhile. The core material and the movements can trace their roots to Shaolin. Even though the arrangement of form movements themselves are different. I have found other connections as well. Anyway. Have a great holiday.

You can find that same slap all throughout CMA. I do a similar sequence, from back palm to forward palm in Xuan Wu Quan.[1:10] -

I've seen this slap firsthand in 3 different styles, minimum.
Further illustrating the point I was trying to make.
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