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Kung-Fu is Best Equipped for COVID

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Lots of martial arts teachers focus on games of dominance. Definitely requires other people, to dominate on or to get dominated by to learn from, so that one day, you, too, can be a dominator.

I recently heard a quote that I'm going to use for the rest of my life:
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Well, when so much of the training is geared around the concept of dominance, yeah, when something like COVID hits, it completely messes everything up, LOL.

Fortunately, Kung-Fu was designed seemingly for the hermits of society! That's why me and many of my fellow Kung-Fu teachers had NO PROBLEM adjusting to COVID. Solo training? Yup! Train with lots of different types of equipment? Yup! Train people through video? Yup! We were doing all this stuff way before COVID! Nothing new for us.

It's all mindset. You reveal yourself most when you are alone. Meditation. It's a big deal. Our training is actually rooted in meditation. I mean, historically, it is. Nowadays, meditation is used more as a tool to increase your ability to dominate someone else, LMAO.

But if you go back to the original concepts of intertwining the training and meditation, that the training itself is a form of meditation, you find yourself just flowing right along in a global pandemic. My skill, strength, and teaching ability have exponentially improved BECAUSE of the COVID-19 pandemic!

I'm just grateful for Bruce Lee. Why do I say that? Because as a teenager, I've always idolized him and his philosophies. He was all about self-discovery, not relying on an external authority to define who you are. But rather, for you to explore yourself, to figure out who you are. That might mean training with a lot of different teachers, and ultimately coming to your own conclusions of what is important to you in your own training. Don't look for the master. YOU are the master. So growing up with that mindset has been a blessing for me.

I've learned from great teachers. But, I have always set my own path. It's always been my way. I've learned to listen to myself, when to pull, when to push. When to create, when to seek council. Even though Bruce Lee espoused this idea as loud as he possibly could, the culture of Chinese and Traditional martial arts is to follow a particular doctrine.

The last bit of dialogue between Leroy Green and Sho'Nuff in "The Last Dragon" is the most important bit you can ever hear.
Sh'Nuff: All right, Leroy, who's the one and only master??!!!
Leroy: I. AM.

**** right. You are your own master.
Take what you've learned, and create your own Kung-Fu.
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