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The existance of Squirrel Kung-Fu?

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Night of the Gauntlet Form

.....Lowest Horse riding stance you can and still move with it and out of it--moove your leg slightly but off of the ground o stepdown left or right of former standing.

.....One fist high, one passed ribs and foot to cross shin...fists can become palms and you might not know until you use it which it will~ be. the fists don't seem as though they could rech but even having an ineffective fist perceived comming to your face or might hit you might react. This form, Night of the Gauntlet is about delaying the attackersand allowing for opportunity to ...I would no_know, you might run/limp. You might find a more defensible position. You migt have called out to get attention in the hopes somene might witness or help you fight.

.....I punched whether or not I would hit and I go from onne to the other--notice one. Predict from current rate of speed, balance and joints action, what they are about to try to make happen and where they have to end-up along that attempt. Punch punches or grabs as you cannot likely get through to hit effectively the body. Extend the knee placing yout foot at the shin below the knee or in the area of the knee.

.....More flexible the foot press goes to the hip waist. A kick has more commitment of resources and risk of you getting off balanced. If I put my foot oyt there it is more flexible than a kick might be...

.....where I pressed with fist or foot I now shift to the other level. For this situation--minimal effort max effect to survive while two or three~ are trying to beat you up (down?). High low, Low high. The fist pressed gets foot pressed and the foot pressed gets fist pressed.-ish

.....Some beatings migh rush you and fist feet might become elbow knees. Warning knee in a rush might turn into a launch you off your foot to down or turn into a drag or drop with leglock or spread while groin stomp kicked oor rising kick or forceful thigh/knee or leaping knee or crotch grab...

.....One level alteration thena second only the top response is now an all out block...they were rattled by your weak punch and frustrated by your surprise foot. they attack and things might be getting confusing because they have been reading you and will switch their tactics. While you can do well enough eventually against predictable goings-ons getting it righ on the first when they pick when/if they shift...Too much eventually- in general at least: My say.

There is a simultaneous punch and side/back kick Taekwondo-ish
And the end is stepping through as between two of the attackers or getting out of the wa-ish. Toe-tip to the groundhands low and spread.


Rhino's horn
Ernie Moore Jr.'s Kung-Fu, Squirrel's Gust of Wind and a Breeze
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