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Shoulders up vs down

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What is gained by grabbing the hands together?

Seems like it adds unnecessary delay.
I have tested it in

1. 1 big fist locked by fingers,
2. 1 palm cover 1 fist,
3. 2 connected fists,
4. 2 connected palms,
5. 2 separate fists,
6. 2 separate palms,

I still like the method 1 better. It gives me a very "strong" guard that even my opponent tries to use both arms to destroy it, I can still keep my guard together.

There are many strategies used in combat. Some people like to react to their opponent's action. I like to set up a goal (obtain a clinch ASAP). I then find a path that can lead me toward that goal with the least amount of risk involved.

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You don't see the disadvantage or issue in that?
Honestly, one good fake and the guy is eating it and I don't just mean a punch either.
If my opponent throws kick, I won't drop my guard but to use my leg to deal with it. If my opponent's fake punch can expose his head, I'll go for his head. My advantage is my hands are close to my opponent's head than his fists to my head. If my opponent and I have the same speed, I should be able to reach to his head before his fist can reach to my head. Since my extended arms may give my opponent a feeling that even I use it to punch, my punch won't be powerful enough to hurt him, he may ignore my hands to be so close to his head. What he may not know is my goal is not to strike on his head but to around his head and wrap it. I don't need any punching power for that.
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