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  1. ttt42022

    This weekend...
  2. Gone virtual

    Just got this press release:
  3. Dang. I've let this thread slide again.

    Again, this is a Tiger Claw Foundation supported event. Our Publisher Gigi Oh is a co-chair. Here's our facebook album from it (only photos from 2013 at this posting).

    This year's draw are...
  4. more in tthe wake

    I should temper my earlier comment with the fact that the Congress was well attended this year on all accounts.
  5. This year was challenging

    It was the same weekend as the New Living Expo, which is a major event held at the Concourse Exhibition Hall in S.F. That surely drew some attendees away.

    Nevertheless, I'm told Dr. Love was...

    Qigong Rap(13th Annual World Tai chi & Qigong Day).

    Our Dr. Love thread.
  7. continued from previous

    We'll have a full report in our Sep Oct issue.
  8. Award recipients

    Continued next post
  9. Free Scholarships

    Violet Li, who has written for us before, was originally slated to cover this event for us but met with an unexpected schedule conflict. We'll still have a reporter there, as well as our Publisher,...
  10. ttt for this weekend

    This is a Tiger Claw Foundation sponsored event.
  11. World Congress on Qigong and TCM in San Francisco

    I'm embarrassed that there is no thread on this event. We've covered it for years.
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