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  1. The Second Taijiquan Inheritance and Development Conference

  2. First anniversary

    Glad someone remembered.
  3. The official listing on UNESCO

    Stumbled across this while doing some other reasearch.
  4. China Day mass demo

  5. Tekes County celebration

    Follow the link for the embedded vid

  6. And Wangchuan

    Tempted to make an 'everybody wangchuan tonight' joke. But I won't.
  7. Taijiquan listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage


    related post - Zhang Sanfeng Tai Chi Chuan bid as China Intangible Cultural Heritage
  8. Hong Weiguo @ CPPCC

    Yao? So Kung Fu Dunk
  9. more coverage

    I'm trying to imagine how it will go down if another country does get Taiji in before China...
  10. More

    'Chenjiagou Thai Chi School'

    Oh Christian Science Monitor....:rolleyes:
  11. More details

    Good headline, great story telling. Good ol' NYT.
  12. South Korea? Japan? Before China? Oooooh, that'll make them mad.

    The Dragon Boat situation is kind of funny. South Korea is the Iron Fist of UNESculturalO appropriation. :p
  13. ttt 4 2017!

    CPWDP? What happened to the CPPCC push? :rolleyes:
  14. More in the wake of Prime Minister Modi's visit

    More on Modi and Yoga here.
  15. Taiji as a World Heritage

    Shaolin kung fu has been making a continued bid - see our UNESCO and the politics of culture thread.
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