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  1. Sb 829 & 831

    Now I'm wondering why such legislation didn't emerge when Brandon Lee died.
  2. $136,793

    Wait, so Reed isn't at fault?
  3. at the Boulder International Film Festival

    If the prop master hands an actor a gun, is it the actor's responsibility to check the weapon?
  4. Matt Hutchins

    She was from Ukraine.
  5. reckless?

    This is such a **** show...
  6. strange

    Gotta be so many PTSD issues for him.
  7. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed must take responsibility

    Seems like a CYA move. The armourer should've know which were blanks and which were live.
  8. Eliza Hutton, Brandon Lee's fiancée

  9. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed must take responsibility

    This is the ultimate fail in terms of gun safety.
  10. Ernie Hudson

    I'm splitting this off from the Stunts-injuries-amp-deaths into its own indie thread - Rust: accidental shooting of Halyna Hutchins - and tagging our Brandon-Lee thread too because this triggers that...
  11. Tragic

    Good statement from Brandon Bruce Lee's twitter. Brandon was the first person I thought of when I heard this news.
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