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  1. Hmmm that may be it...Shirfu said he has an old...

    Hmmm that may be it...Shirfu said he has an old copy of a copy on VHS and he's gonna dig it out for me...

    Well at least it seems that Arhats in Fury is the 500 lohans movie he was asking for...
  2. Thx Gene but unfortunately, Holy Robe of Shaolin...

    Thx Gene but unfortunately, Holy Robe of Shaolin is the same film as Shaolin vs Wutang 2--
    I explained the plot of that movie to my Shirfu and he says that's not it --the one he keeps telling me is...
  3. thx doug

    Thx doug for the info . I tried all 3 of those but to no avail..."tear":(.....

    Tamo's robe? Maybe it's the same as Shaolin and Wutang 2.....that movie is about his robe ...kinda... 500 Louhans...
  4. Need help finding 2 movies on DVD hopefully

    Hi guys'
    My sifu/shirfu has me find him movies sometimes as payment for my classes. 2 of which i can find no record of.

    1."500 lohans" -----thanks to Linsday Lohan looking this up anywhere is a...
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    Shaolin Luihe Quan

    My friend was in China for the last 4 months at Tagou Schhol in Deng Feng. He knows I study Mizong Yi and was given this VCD of Luihe Quan from Lui Haike himself who told him to give it to me. How...
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    Hmmmm a tough match to call....but

    A tough fight to call indeed......... but I'd say it's a matter of who's fighting who and what stlye.

    I think Obama's Tiger style is no match for Palin's Drunken fist. But McCains Xing Yi Chuan...
  7. Yeah no doubt...

    Well it didn't last long it seems-Six episodes? that's pretty sad....Do they ever clarify that he's a teaching them Bagua Zhang? or is just supposed to a mysterious martial art---:confused:
  8. thk god 4 youtube--:)

    Found it on you tube lol--
  9. Need Help finding the TV show"Black Sash" with Russel Wong

    My sifu asked me to look into finding some various martial arts movies and shows and the only one on his list that I can't find for purchase or download is a show from 2003 called " The Black Sash"...
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    Bad choice name wise...

    Just from a phonetics stand point Biden is a bad choice ..let me preface this point by saying I really like Obama........but ............

    Obama and Biden sounds allot like Osama Bin Laden.....
  11. I cant believe someone actually watched Never...

    I cant believe someone actually watched Never Back Down. That's what's so amazing to me!
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    Sticky: The real thing...

    Mantis Vs Snake and Mantis wins!!!!!:eek:
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    :p Im in luv...........!!!

    :p Im in luv...........!!!
  14. mantis swords?

    I found this one a while back...If i had a grand to spend it looks well worth it. Very much a "practical looking" Jian It's not to fancy with the Hushou and pomell but the blade is grooved and looks...
  15. swords

    Yeah Ive seen those on WLE they look like very nice swords, I like the Hanwei stuff.:)
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    Thumb wrestling....

    Thumb wrestling....
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    Well there are studies...

    Well I figured that was a hoax but.... I found this scary stuff....I don't have a cell phone and I have never owned one ....and after reading this I'm thinking that's a good thing..
  18. Well it's settled then

    Yeah I think I'm gonna go with my gut and buy the Zhi sword then...thanks for all the advise and yeah...I'd take the motorcycle too--lol
  19. THx again Willow for your vast knowledge...

    Wow, you certainly know allot about swords thank you so much for the info.I have so many questions for you in the future but just one right now. Do you then having said all that think that the Master...
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    go train

    lol Yeah your right....:p
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    I think you missunderstand me...

    I said running the game on setting that do it justice and by that I mean full quailty high setting. Dual cards on Sli --quad core etc...No $400 PC tower is gonna run Crysis anywhere near that plus...
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    try Wing Lam

    Well although I agree with the Tshirt thing....I was thinking perhaps the Shaolin vest on WLE would be very comfortable and it looks great too..

  23. Sucks about your sword

    Oh that sucks, I would be worried about performing a demonstration or something and having the blade fly off and whack someone.

    I most certainly want a full tang sword thats for sure. I have been...
  24. I dont think you sounded snooty

    No,no, not at all. I didn't think that you seemed snooty. I have been looking around the web like crazy myself at all kinds of swords that I can afford and I can tell that those are some very nice...
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    My 2 cents..ergh actually it more like 10 cents...

    I used to agree with statement...used to...I have both a 360 and a ps3 and a custom built PC I made as well as a Macbook Pro laptop so as you can see I am not a slave to any particular piece of tech...
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