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  1. Bhavana Kashyap

    Here is Bhavana Kashyap's original post (on facebook).

  2. Minister for Tourism, not a religious minister

    Between all the encouragement Indian women are getting to train like this, plus all the female role models in Bollywood film, the next female martial arts stars may well be coming from India. :cool:
  3. Slightly OT

    Kuwait surely isn't India but the approach is so similar that this news piece will sit best here.

  4. India's Wushu Warrior Girl - Witness
  5. Score another for TKD

    This one is definitely a Successful Street Application but also copy-worthy to our Indian women counter rape with martial arts training thread.
  6. More on the Drukpa lineage nuns

    There are more images in the slideshow if you follow the link.

    Kung Fu Nuns & Shaolin Nuns & Indian women counter rape with martial arts training.

    Here's the official website of the Druk Gawa...
  7. I do lack 'home science'...

    Interesting perspective. My wife was just complaining about my non-existent culinary skills last night.
  8. India's Wushu Warrior Girl - Witness
  9. Schools must train girls in martial arts

    karate, judo, taekwondo - bring it. Great post Olympic idea. ;)
  10. Sad story

    You can train all the martial arts you want, but sometimes it's just a no-win scenario.
  11. Operation Sadbhavna

    I'm continually amused at how fruitful this thread is.
  12. I****a Sharma

    I don't know this actress or her work, but she's another in this trend.
  13. Another slightly OT

    Even with the OT posts, this thread has been surprisingly fruitful. :cool:
  14. Slightly OT

    Krav Maga for female Indian cricket. Who'd a thunk?
  15. This really has grown into an extraordinary thread.

    I just changed 'girls' to 'women' in the post heading.
  16. Slightly OT, but this thread could use the ttt

    Another martial arts trained female taxi driver.
  17. Kung Fu Indian Female Cab Drivers

    A two-fer for this thread today!

    Only C&Ped a few pix...there are more plus a vid if you follow the link.
  18. I had to read this a few times before I understood it....

    ...actually, I'm still not sure I understand it. IndianEnglish gets pretty clunky sometimes. :o
  19. Female taxi drivers from Goa

    When I was in India, I cannot remember ever seeing a female taxi driver. But that was over a decade and a half ago, and I didn't make it to Goa. If I am fortunate enough to ever go back to India, I...
  20. Endorsed by the Dalai Lama

    Champion? srsly?
  21. continued from previous

    I won't claim to understand India at all, but I lived there for a two months and while there, my wife was constantly harassed by eve-teasers. :mad:
  22. Awareness is the key here

    Whether or not martial arts will actually work to reduce rape in India, it is an epidemic perpetuated by their traditional culture. At the very least, these token efforts are a start to raise...
  23. Noida Policewomen

    'eve-teasers' should really cross over to the U.S. vernacular.
  24. Rani Mukherjee

    I suppose this could have gone on our [URL="!!"Bollywood-Kung-Fu!![/URL] thread, but that forum is one of our most active...
  25. It's easier to educate potential victims than potential rapists

    I think everyone should know some martial arts, DJ, but I'm biased here, of course. I also think everyone should know basic first aid. Why aren't these aren't taught in middle school like Algebra?...
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