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  1. More cast additions

  2. Appa! No, not that Appa.

    Lee could kill it as Iroh. This is the first positive thing I've heard about this show's development.
  3. Kim

    DDK could nail this.
  4. Cast reveal

    Anyone know any of these actors?
  5. bummer

    Is M. Night replacing them?

    too soon?
  6. ttt 4 2020!

    Wonder who will be doing fight choreo?
  7. Yip YIP!

    Avatar: The Last Airbender Live Action from Netflix needs its own indie thread, independent of our original Avatar: The Last Airbender thread and definitely distinct from our M. Night Shyamalan's The...
  8. Whhaaaaatttt?!?!?

    I actually checked out the first ep of Dragon Prince last night. Maybe I'll review that later.
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