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  1. Five years later...

    Progress? Perhaps...
  2. More scandal...

    Professional Wrestling
  3. sexual assault charges

    Prisoners of the Ghostland
  4. Continued from previous post

  5. Hadzic banned

    More on Hadzic

    continued next post
  6. Busted

    Typically when a topic gets 3+ posts in a thread, I'll break it into a indie thread, but I'll forego that with this one for now.
  7. JJ Lin

    The circle expands...
  8. More on Kris Wu

    This has become quite the 'he said, she said'
  9. Alex Hadzic

    Tokyo Olympics
  10. Wonder what happens to Wu's endorsements now?

  11. Kris Wu

    Didn't know the age of consent was 14.
  12. highlypotion

    I post about Ma here
  13. Abruptly shut down

    Between this and what's happening with Alibaba, PRC is making moves...
  14. Weinstein gets 23

    Hopefully this will lead to more reckoning.
  15. Weinstein convicted

    I can't watch a Weinstein co movie now and not think of this. :(
  16. Sophia Huang Xueqin freed

    “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”
  17. Spacey case dropped

    I used to like Spacey's work because he had this creepy vibe. Now I can't watch him because it hits too close to home. :o
  18. Stinky Pete was a dick

    Personally, I'd love to see Song of the South again, just to see how it plays out now.
  19. Anna = $3.5M flop

    #metoo (An Open Secret: Hollywood - Please Watch)
  20. #mitu for Doze Niu

    I don't know this director or his work at all. Anyone?
  21. Our newest exclusive web article

    Sexual Harassment in Kung Fu? READ #metookungfu by Marilyn Cooper
  22. Bryan Singer

    Given this film, this is as tragic as it is ironic.

    Red Sonja
  23. toxic masculinity & sissy men?

    Here's the ad if you haven't seen it.

    Sissy Men
  24. More Spacey video...

    ... but not the one he wants to show. :eek:
  25. Declined to file

    Seagal is at it again
    An Open Secret: Hollywood - Please Watch
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