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  1. No Choy Lay Fut


    YinOYan, did not see any video posting except by pokomkno3 signature, of a superbly good moving Bagua transition and a movie that seemed to be of medicine but not Choy Lay Fut, So no...
  2. Muscles And Bloodlines In The Eye Can Be Affected By Torso Tension

    Drop your shoulders and down more and in with your elbows . Augment your practice this way each day for two weeks; your vision might show signs of clearing -Ernie Moore Jr.

  3. Defeated By Gun Fu...

    Peace. And perhaps, pokomkno3, someone should be ready for a twenty year joint-lock[-up]

    No_Know Peace.
  4. Where Do You Get The Instructions For Doing The Energy Exercise From a Hexagram?


    You call me a troll yet you say everything you do relates to the I Ching, so when asked how do you get how to do an exercise from a hexagram or trigrams you say you don''t know what...
  5. A Question But More Discouraged venting Than A Question

    Doing almost anything for hours on end in a dark or poorly lit room for years might affect eyesight. Eyes work with what they are given and they adjust. Taking medicine that damages eyesight might...
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