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  1. New Book about Shaolin.THE SHAOLIN TRADITION (by Shi Miao Dian)

    Greetings to all!
    I want to introduce a new Shaolin Book. THE SHAOLIN TRADITION (currently available in German language in Amazon. English will follow) written by master Shi Miao Dian.

  2. Thank you Gene for the answer!

    Thank you Gene for the answer!
  3. whats happening now in China. Kung fu schools around Shaolin are closing?

    My shaolin shifu in Greece told me that the most kung fu schools around shaolin are closing. Shi De yans schooll is closed too. Only Tagou is still standing. Is this true or fake?

    Kung Fu...
  4. The truth about Shaolin and Wudang Kung fu (today and in older days)

    I will start a thread describing what i have found out about shaolin and wudang. Whats fake and whats real. I ll hope that many of you will contribute to this examination.

    Truth about...
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    18 luohan characteristics techniques

    Thank you Gene for your it possible to list which techniques from the da luohan form or another shaolin form matches with the characteristics of the 18 luohan statues?can this be answered...
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    shaolin 18 Luohan hands

    Greetings to Gene and all other kung fu brothers!

    I read the article about the shaolin 18 luohan hands and iam confused. After reading many articles here in the forum some from Sal Canzonieri and...
  7. Thanks

    Thanks Gene! Thats what i will do!

    Your magazine articles are great like always!
  8. Thanks Gene! But the article says that Hong Quan has its origins in the Zhou and Qin

    Thanks Gene! But the article says that Hong Quan has its origins in the Zhou and Qin dynasty. Later the same article states that Tong bei Quan one from Hong Quans seven categories is.

    According to...
  9. Blood Red Fist or Tongbei Quan? Which are Chinas oldest systems.


    I just read the Blood Red Fist article in the November December 2016 issue. It states that Hong Quan a military and the oldest style in China is. And that Tongbei Quan a substyle of...
  10. Is this the Xinyiba versin of Jingang Dao Dui? In the video of Yang Guiwu practicing

    Is this the Xinyiba version of Jingang Dao Dui? In the video of Yang Guiwu practicing Xin Yi Ba?
  11. What is shaolin Jingang Dao Dui-ramming fist to the ground exercise


    Iam wondering if someone can explain me what this exercise is. Jingang Dao Dui. I have seen this exercise in many shaolin Chinese mainland movies like Shaolin temple with Jet Li, American...
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    No. I just read it.Thank you Gene!

    No. I just read it.Thank you Gene!
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    was Bai Yu Feng called Jin na luo?Which were Jue Yuans basic 18 luohan?

    In Sals book i read that Bai Yu Feng was called Jin na luo.Is that true?Can you tell me the source describing this Sal?Jin na luo is a mystery. he is the martial arts saint of the shaolin temple....
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    Qi Jiguang shaolin temples Tai zu (great ancestor)

    If we think with the same logic that Damo could be Yue Juen, then we can think the same about Qi Jiguang beeing shaolins Taizu.

    Its said that abbot Fu Yu invited 16 or 18 masters to shaolin and...
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    Damo (Yuan Jue) the real creator of shaolin kung fu

    Its believed that Damo created shaolin kung fu.many researchers disagree. Like the famous researcher Tang Hao. I read the book of Sal Canzonieri (The Hidden History of the Chinese Internal Martial...
  16. What"s the truth about Li Sou's, Jue Yuan's and Bai Yu Feng"s style?

    Greetings to everyone!

    The three masters above created the shaolin five animal system but there are some questions about their system creation.

    a.It was created during the Yuan (mongol)...
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    a very good form and good execution

    Thank you Rendahai for this amazing video!

    We see clearly the monkey imitation moves like described in Da tongbei quan.

    If you continue your work, you will be the <<Shi De Qian>>of kung fu...
  18. You are all great.thank you all for your answers!

    You are all great.thank you all for your answers!
  19. Thank you Shemmati!

    Thank you Shemmati!
  20. Which are the 18 luohan statue imitation movements?


    Iam curious to find the 18 luohan statue imitation movements. Iam searching over twenty years for them but nothing yet found. Can someone help me? I think that maybe they are lost or...
  21. thank you xian. Thats what iam meaning.

    Thanks Xian. Thats what iam meaning
  22. My version o signature movements of the most significant shaolin forms

    I will express what i know about shaolin forms. I will describe the 10 form curriculum of Shi Yong Xin here.

    First of all, all forms contain chang quan movements from the xiao hong form and then...
  23. Signature movements of different Shaolin forms

    Greetings to everyone!

    I would ask the community if we can start posting here a collection of the major-signature movements and strategies of several Shaolin forms. You can see many similar chang...
  24. Thank you all!

    Thank you all for your answers!
  25. Which is the original Shaolin and the original Wudang

    What is your opinion about this?

    Many people search the original Shaolin and the original Wudang forms but what is original? There are many forms trained today in Shaolin that were brought from...
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