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  1. Winners: Kung Fu League Blu-Ray +DVD Combo

    I want to thank you! I am a winner in your generous give-away. I have been a subscriber to Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine for years and still get excited every time a new issue arrives, but that isn't...
  2. I won The Great Battle Blu-Ray + DVD Combo!!! Thank You!!!

    I thank Gene Ching and the staff at Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, and also Well Go USA for my Blu-Ray of The Great Battle. I am so grateful!
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    Bon jour, David.

    Been here a few days now and loving it! Haven't been to a Kung fu school yet but it is magical, tho cold. By the way, "Jow Gow" is a title we use at our kwoon (Kung fu school) for someone who has...
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    Does anyone know Quebec City ?

    Thank you David. Or is it Jow Gow David? I'll do that. 👍
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    Does anyone know quebec city?

    I live in Louisiana and have been a student of Seven Star Praying Mantis for years at American Kung Fu Academy in Alexandria. In a couple of days my wife and I are going to Quebec City in Canada. I...
  6. I won!!!

    Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox and found a Detective Dee, The Four Heavenly Kings. I felt like Ralphie's father in that movie, Christmas Story, when he danced a jig and shouted, "I won!...
  7. Update:

    So I've started reading The Martial Teacher by Jonathan Bluestein and I am excited and impressed. Jonathan Bluestein is a gifted writer and I am inspired and learning after only the first 30 pages. I...
  8. Thank you to Kung Fu Magazine and to author...

    Thank you to Kung Fu Magazine and to author Jonathan Bluestein! This is such an appropriate and timely gift since I have been assisting teaching in my kwoon as a brown sash for a year and a half. If...
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