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Thread: Iron Fans

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    Well, it took me a while to get Nelson convinced to carry the fans at all. Then getting him to carry two sizes was a discussion.

    He is very open to trying to meet the needs of his customer base.

    I suspect the appeal of a fan just like his bamboo ones - same lengths available - but no figures or writing on them - is limited.

    It is my understanding that the factories he uses in China WILL do special requests but there is a minimum order type of thing - and I think he just doesn't have a projected volume on a metal one to make it affordable for him or us.

    I know that a few years back, NO ONE carried the Yang style Taiji Saber. In fact, very few people had actually seen one. I had one but it was too short, poorly balanced, and of questionable "combat steel".

    I showed it to Nelson and then told him about folks like Yang Zhenduo doing seminars now on Yang Taijidao and - well it took him about 18 months, but he now carries the weapon... I bought one from his first shipment.

    All our martial arts vendors should aim at that level of responsiveness

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    Here is a pic of the fan. Still haven't been able to track down the maker of it.
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    Would Fan be used only against a knife attack, (or mass attack), as it seems it would be ineffective against sword, staff, spear or one of the section-whips?
    Why are they larger than 'normal' fans?

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    fans are not really weapons.

    but they can be armed with poisonous needles hidden.

    so when they are opened, the needles would fly out.

    it is then considered as hidden weapon or an qi.

    some may also be armed with poisonous powder.

    a closed fan may be used to guide some long weapon away from you.

    that is about it.


    unless of course, you have an iron fan.


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    I did mean the iron fan.

    I think even a normal fan is a weapon: -
    I have a small (normal sized) wooden fan that I've been playing with and it seems that when closed it is capable of warding off a knife attack if the knofe is an ordinary one. Even open it could do if you were skilled enough at ward offs and time it well enough.
    As for defensive against larger weapons? I'm not so sure. If attacked by a sword, staff or spear you'd be better off running.

    Now if you had a telescopic fan...

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    are you being f@cking serious?

    stop posting things which are self explanatory

    you honestly needed to ask someone that qustion ?

    why are some fans bigger than others??? maybe because people like to stay cooler in the hot weather

    there that didnt take much thought did it now

    yes a fan is likely to be innefective against a sword thast why people were fighting wars with swords and not fans

    it seems to me that a pen is innefective against an AK what do you think????
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    As for the use...depends on the fan.

    Personally, I prefer a fan that is about the length from the middle of my hand to my elbow....about 17" fan.

    Typically, you can't get a metal fan in anything beyond a 12" length so I don't bother...Now, if I had the money, I would have a titanium one made....the spins titanium and the body silk. Silk is pretty strong and titanium is strong and very light....great combination.

    But, I have played with an old traditional metal fan. it had a small pike that could be flipped out from the bottom of the fan. The pike or dagger portion folded back into the bottom of the fan with the regular spines when not flipped out. It gave you a 3 or 4 inch dagger at the base of the fan. The spines were also pointy and sharp. So, you could do jabbing/stabbing with either end of the weapon. The one I played with was poorly made and much the worse for age...bad balance and sticky to open.

    Techniques, close the fan and it is a small staff or short rod. You can block and hit with it...and it would hurt. Open, it hides intention. There ARE some techniques with the fan open but I have always found them interesting to look at and artful...but not very practical for use.

    With the fan open AND with spikey ends on the spines, you DO have a slashing poking cuts and slashes ARE possible. You have to know how to hold the fan securely to do these, though.

    With the pike flipped out, you have a stabbing area at the base of the blade as well.

    But, given a choice, I would rather have a different weapon... However, if you were walking down the street with a metal fan, you might look a bit froo froo but no one would think you had a weapon.

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    ok, had to steel this link fro DR's robot thread. Robots with fans.
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    Our freshest feature article

    A New Series from our Publisher! READ EDC: Iron Fans by Gene Ching

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    A New Series from our Publisher! READ EDC: Iron Fans by Gene Ching
    The fan is my favorite. I can swap it into my dagger and sword forms. The real iron fans are like a dozen swords that can work like scissors so you could even lose some of your OWN fingers using it, and the clackin' sounds like gunshots! You should research the legend of a fan master that took-on multiple Samurai at once and snapped all their swords. I think its probably based on a real event because I've seen something written about an estimate of the cost of all the swords that were destroyed, which was enormous...

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    There are pre-1949 designs that have the fan with spiked ribs. I consider it the equivalent of a blackjack. It was no joke. Additionally, the weapon had some heft to it, requiring strong wrist, forearm and finger strength: offering very good training for those involved in the grappling disciplines.

    The ones out on the market really suck. They are not even a pale shadow of their former glory.


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