Thanks to Kung Lek for all the chang info. South East Asia still performs alot of the traditional changs since their Chinese communities were established long ago and they retain alot of the traditions and superstitions.
Unfortunately, these traditional changs are boring to the uneducated viewer and there is a lot of room for interpretation which can lead to offending the requestor. Thus less and less teams are keeping this tradition.
I was told that some businesses used to invite several teams to do a chang and if they did it incorrectly, they wouldn't get the money.
Our kwoon does the drunken routine and it's much like kung lek described. We used to do the crab routine but instead of a person in a suit, a live crab is used.
I've seen water changs and was told that we used to do one but it didn't involve not spilling water. The skill was in mounting the the bucket and spraying the water to the crowd.
There are many other changs, Fruit, Coconut, Daikon as well as puzzles where you have to unlock the code which is sometimes based on the I-ching.