Does anybody know if Chuka Shaolin Phoenix Eye Fist and this Chinese martial art called Fong Ngan are these the same arts ? Here is what a article says about Fong Ngan
Fong Ngan

Fong Ngan is a style of Chinese kung-fu, also known as the Phoenix Eye, originating in China's Hopu province and developed by Kew Soong. In this system the basic blow is delivered with the foreknuckle fist, palm fist, finger poke, ridge hand, and knife hand techniques. The style's only kick is the front snap kick, delivered low to the groin area. There are no formal stances in the style. Instead, pratitioners learn to crowd an opponent, enticing him to make a wrong move. A Fong Ngan practitioner never retreats from an attack, but moves into it, or, if necessary, jumps to the side while counter-attacking. Fong Ngan employs tripping and leg-hook throws, techniques that are always followed up by a 'killing' blow or strike. The style emphasizes 'kuen' (forms), proper breathing, speed and technique. There are four-man and two-man exercises.