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Thread: Questions on Bagua

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    A guy THAT big needs to

    Alternate holding stances, drilling basics and kicking till he drops about 150 pounds, THEN he can worry about more than basics and pick an art
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    I think Ba Gua (mybe Tai Chi) would be fine, but he would have to take it easy on the twisting movements unless he has strong knees. Also the diet is important but i would not recommend avoiding all carbohydrates, going from a diet that is probably high in carbs to none at all would probably do more harm than good. I would say complex carbs early in the day with plenty of roughage and meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner.
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    400 lbs?
    hmm he should take Xsing-Yi with this much body
    he will be road roller on the roll, unstopable.
    it hav elements of Hard n Internal too
    all IMA are very demanding of knees so u can't escape that ...
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    People who hva named the knees are correct.
    LOw stances could be dangerous for him, unless he have a good knee structure.
    If he have a good cardiovascular system( checked with MD), I 'drecomennd him a quick style like CLF.
    I partner with a guy about 140 kg, he sweats liters but his low kicks were like crushing with a truck.

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    i think his best bet would be to get rid of some of the weight first. at this point weight loss would be the biggest factor in successful training. once he is 300lbs then he should start the art of his choice.

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