Hello Arthur Yip,

Hope the trip from China was well, but as I promised here's the information I told you i'd post on this forum. First of all the Eight Immortals System as passed down from my teachers family entail the eight keyword formula which are: Escaping, Leaning, Intercepting, Closing, Borrowing, Sticking, Directing and Lifting.
These eight keywords form the bases of the Drunken Eight Immortals System. Those in China as you have discoverd have not learned the full curriculum as your first hand investigation have proven these facts, however the unity between myself and those in China are strong, hopefully I will visit them soon to share in what their lacking. The curriculum that my Sifu taught consisted of :

Interlocking Fist Form
Thirteen Style Fist Form
Eight Immortals Fist Form
Eight Immortals Palm Form

These four above mentioned skills are considered the base sets of the system, which although reveals such movements as cuphand, hanging and tilting horse, they are not considered the drunken routines, the drunken routines are as follows:

Little Drunken Fist
Little Drunken Falling Fist
Drunken Eight Immortals Form
Ho Sen Ku's Flower Fist
Interlocking Drunking Fist
Drunken Staff
Drunken Broadsword
Drunken Spear
Drunken Sword
Han's Flute
Great Hero Kwan's Knife
Double Drunken Swords

Also there are:

Hand Sparring Set
Drunken Spear Vs. Drunken Broadsword
Drunken Staff Sparring Set etc.

This is yet some of the curriculum of the original Lau Family Eight Immortals Style as taught by my sifu Lau Yee Chan. Now i'll let you know Chu Chung called me and told me you guys had a great time so sorry I missed the trip. He told me you asked alot of questions, hope your thirst for truth has been fulfilled. Well my friend respond back when you have time, take care my friend hope to hear from you soon.

Troy Dunwood
Ying Hung Kung Fu Club
Lau Family Eight Immortals Style
"The Original Drunken Style""