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Thread: Eagle Claw information

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    Internal Flow Guest

    Eagle Claw information

    I will probably start eagle claw training in some days , and i would like some information. Can anybody tell me at least something about it? :rolleyes:

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest

    You've found the right person

    Hi Internal Flow,

    Let me introduce myself as Ego Extrodinaire. I have a back groud in Northern & Southern Kung fu, with Northern being the superior of the two. However, I've stopped practicing for many years since my car accident that left me paralized.

    Let's get down to the topic of Eagle Claw shall we? Well I can't say that i know that much about the system but it is about 100 or so years older than Northern Mantis and its derivatives. in its original form, I would guess that it would have been an effeictive system but that's all ancient history.

    The form that's being taught now is mostly from the Tsing Mo Assiociation from Hong Kong. In my opinion, mantis systems that have been through this association has suffered from a proliferation of forms and this is most apparent in he lineage from Hong Kong. I beieve that Eagle Claw sufferred the same fate and may have also lost its fighting ability.

    So I guess I can't say that I've seen proper eagle claw, just the watered down stuff like so many other kung fu systems. Maybe you'll find a good school in Greece. If you do let me know!

    Maximus Materialize!

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    Ben Gash Guest
    Ego, I thought you were about to take up northern styles when you had your crash. Those inconsistencies are creeping in again Kelvin.
    Anyway, Eagle Claw was created by the Chinese General Oak Fei in the 13th century (according to tradition. Oak fei is actually claimed to be the founder of several northern styles, and I'm sure they can't all be true). He created a long arm system based on Northern Shaolin long fist. Some sources claim that the system he created was in fact called "Elephant Boxing" and that the eagle claw movements were added later. Whatever the truth, the system came to utilise grabbing and clawing techniques utilising two specialist hand shapes. One looks like a very tight Tiger claw, and the other is a two fingered claw similar to that found in Southern dragon and mantis systems.
    eagle claw Chin Na training emphasises the manipulation of 108 pressure points.
    The system became adopted in the Shaolin syllabus, and in the 16th century the monk Lai Chin combined it with Faan Tze (continuous attack boxing or wheeling boxing) to create Faan Tze Ying Jow Pai (continuous attack eagle claw fist) which is the most prevalent system today.
    If you go to a school of Chin Woo origin you will have to learn the longfist form Gongliquan (strong fundamentals boxing) and the Mizhong form Jiequan (quick fist or intercepting fist) before learning the eagle claw forms. Both are good longfist training forms.
    Eagle claw is a comprehensive system and contains all that you would expect from a traditional chinese system, such as striking, kicking, leg attacks and sweeps, chin na, shuai jiao and weaponry.

    "Weapons are the embodiments of fear,
    the wise use them only when they have no choice"
    Lao Tzu

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    Internal Flow Guest
    Ego Extrodinaire, Ben Gash
    Thank you for your replies, ill go and see and tell you about it

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest

    Eagle Claw

    Ben Gash,

    Again you though wrong! If you read my post you'll realise that I was building up a Northern back ground before the crash. And again just for your information, I'm Ego Extrodinaire not Kelvin. Do you know how to read? because you sure write some nonesense in the Kung Fu forum.

    I'll be very surprised that Mizong is taught before Eagle Claw. Mizong is a combination of HsiangI, Ba Gua, Ba Ji etc. Very complex system with lots of twisitng. But then again if Ching Woo is the same as the Zing Mo Association, then stay clear from that. In my opinion, the association teaches crap kung fu.

    Like i said before, I don't know where you can learn good eagle claw. I have Shum Lung's orange book on eagle claw. The applications shown there are very very doggy. I think his linage is from Zing Mo.

    Maximus Materialize!

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    Internal Flow Guest
    What is Shum Lungs orange book on eagle claw? Any good books about it ? (eagle claw) :)

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    Ben Gash Guest
    Ego, where do you get your information from? Mizhong predates Bagua and bears no resemblance to Baji whatsoever.
    I've seen some photos of Leung Shum doing applications, and they were a bit odd, but what people are willing to put in a book or magazine and what they actually do can be quite different.

    "Weapons are the embodiments of fear,
    the wise use them only when they have no choice"
    Lao Tzu

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest


    Ben Gash

    Mizong is a derived style from all sorts of Northern systems.

    Why would an author misrepresent their own style in a book, that is just a dumb thing to say for a smart person like you. But at least you've got my name right - finally.

    Internal Flow

    For your information, the Orange Book is titled
    Eagle Claw Kung-Fu Classical Northern Chinese Fist compiled by Master Leung Shum. It is 129 pages long.

    published by Ying Jow Pai Chinese Martial Arts
    369-371 West 34th Street 2nd Floor New York NY 2001 tel: 212-695-6657

    Thanks for showing interest, every time someone ask a thoughful question sparks new interst in the style. Please refer to the Northern Mantis forum where people may be clarify some of these issues.

    Maximus Materialize!

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    Internal Flow Guest
    Has anybody read "Ying Shou Quan Fa" written by Guo Xian He? If so, could you tell me if it is good, what approximately are its contents etc?

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    Ben Gash Guest
    Yes, Mizhong is a derived style from various northern systems, mainly longfist systems,but as it predates bagua it can hardly be derived from it.
    Track back and look at the various threads about various videos and books. Are you going to show someone the best fighting methods that took you years to learn in a $15 book? I mean for starters it's a public liabilty nightmare. Instead you put in some stuff that looks interesting and skillful to the uneducated to get them interested in the style.

    "Weapons are the embodiments of fear,
    the wise use them only when they have no choice"
    Lao Tzu

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest

    Kung Fu books


    i don't see how you can put everything into a book in any case. However, I would expect that the contents would follow basic concepts so that what is being shown can be applied.

    I've put a post in the Northern Mantis section of the forum which goes into detail what I mean.

    It would be more of a public liability nightmare if what is being presented as self defence is unworkable or misleading.

    Maximus Materialize!

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    ngokfei Guest

    getting back to eagle claw

    internal flow.

    The orange book from Sifu Leung Shum is now out of print but some stores may still carry it. His new more indepth book being published by Tuttle will hopefully be out shortly. Check out his web site ( HIs tapes will give you alot.

    Chin Woo curriculum used to require 10 sets to be learned before specializing in a particular style.
    hand forms: Tam Tui, Gung Lek, Dai Gin, Jeet Kuen,

    Sifu Shum only uses the Gung Lek and Jeet Kuen before teaching Eagle Claw Sets as they teach good foundation.

    The book you mention from Sifu Gao/Gou in Beijing is a very good theory book. Lots of information on the tactics and theories of the style. My translated copy is kind of shakey but its useful. Also pick up the books from Lau Fat Mang's lineage. Good info in there as well. Also a Sifu Wing Kit Lam has been putting out eagle claw books in english. I think his web site is You can order them from there.

    good luck in your training

    eric Hargrove

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest

    Eagle claw book

    Hi Ngok fei,

    Do you know eagle claw? If so can you comment on the contents of the orange book?

    i've posted some questions pertainng to the book in the Northern Mantis section of the forum.

    Maximus Materialize!

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    Internal Flow Guest
    :) Thanks :)

    All things return to it as to their home, but it does not lord it over them.
    Thus it may be called "The Great"

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    Eagle claw

    Does anyone know of a legit ying jow pai school in texas?
    or anywhere to find all 108 locking hand techniques?

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