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Thread: Protecting the Knees

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    Daelomin Guest

    Strenghtening the knees

    I need some some bodyweight (or something i can do at home) exercises to strenghten the muscles by the knees (the ones they tell you to work on if you get bad knees). Is horse stance an effective way to do this?


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    Kumkuat Guest
    Horse stance might, but if your alignment is wrong, then you can screw up your knees more. You can try squats, which also helps to strengthen knees, but if you do it wrong, it can hurt you as well. GOod luck

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    Daelomin Guest
    Oh jeah this reminds me of another question. Could you tell me about the correct alignment in horse stance. I think i have a pretty good idea and have been doing it for a while now but one can never have enough good advice.

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    zen_celt Guest

    Some at home, Knee exercises

    Horse Stance(when done correctly), squats(keep toes pointed forward), side ways leg raises(lie on the ground on your side and raise your top leg) this works your outer thigh. Also, lie on the ground with your top leg bent at a 90 degree angle so that it is off of your bottom leg and then raise the bottom leg this works the inner thigh. If you can, buy some ankle weights and use those for these exercises and buy a speed trainer(same thing but for the thigh) that you can wear while you walk. There are other exercises you can do but these are some of the more common ones. If you have bad knees, I suggest you see a doctor to figure what is wrong with them and also start going to a gym where you can do more exercises than the ones I mentioned. Hope this helps.

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    ged Guest
    why do toes have to be pointed forward in squats?

    both my di siheng (for bodyweight squats) and some weightlifting coach at my gym tell me to keep my toes pointed slightly outwards, in the same alignment as your legs.

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    zen_celt Guest
    It keeps the knees in proper alignment to keep them from getting hurt and to work the thighs. I say straight simply because it works best for me, but just make sure that you legs are properly aligned. There should be no pain in the knees and your thighs should burn when you do them.

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    Kram1 Guest

    knee alignment during stance, squats

    B'cause my knees are so bad (surgury, arthritis) I am REALLY interested in what is the right answer to this question. My karate sensei insisted that the toes be pointed straight forward. My old KF sifu had me point out slightly. The old way seemed to align w/ the axis of my knee, the karate way seemed to put more stress on the inside hinge of the knee (medial meniscus).

    Anyone? Everyone?

    And So It Goes...

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    ged Guest
    i think the straight toes way definitely puts more stress on legs and knees. but is it good stress? toes outward seems more.... natural

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    Robinf Guest
    I've found that strength training helps the knees. Along with squats, here are a couple of other exercises:

    lie in the floor, knees bent, feet flat on floor (you can come up on your elbows if you want), straighten one leg and lift only so that is comes to your other knee and go back down (without hitting the floor).

    lie sideways on the floor, lift your top leg up and down

    lie sideways on the floor, bend the top leg over the bottom leg (so the foot is in front), lift the bottom leg up and down (don't hit the floor)

    lean against a wall, throw out a back kick, side kick, front kick--using tension and hold out.

    These are all just body weight.

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    Kumkuat Guest
    About if the feet should be straight or not. Sit on a high place and let your feet hang. See where the feet point to that's how you're feet is suppose to line up. Just make sure your knees are always above your feet, and the knees never extend past your toe.

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    Ford Prefect Guest

    Look for the Grappler's Toolbox.

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    Kram1 Guest

    Re:How to correctly do horse stances, squats/Building Knees

    ZenC: So, what IS the correct way to horse stance?

    Robin: Thanks for the info . One of those was included in the set my Russian PT guy gave me!

    KQ: Good idea! I think by this test that most plp will end up pointing out.

    Ford: I tried the site you mentioned, but I think I'll wait on paying the $369 for the tapes. I did see a post in the forum however, that implied that slightly pointed out was correct.

    Anyone else?


    And So It Goes...

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    zen_celt Guest
    Kram1: I would say, toes pointed forward(perhaps a very tiny bit outward if your knees hurt). The best way to judge if it's correct is to hold it for a while and wait to see if your thighs burn when that happens, your knees shouldn't hurt(at least not before the thighs do). Hope that helps.

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    Kram1 Guest


    Zen, I'll give it a try, but my knees ALWAYS hurt, it just a matter of degree! I'm kinda used to it now :eek:


    And So It Goes...

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    AmerROSS Guest

    Grapplers Toolbox

    Kram, the Grappler's Toolbox is only $40.

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