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Thread: Monk robes

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    Monk robes

    I was talking to Wendy before about a weird story at my job.

    Im a waiter and a few weeks after I started working there, this guy comes in, he was visiting family or something. Anyway, he is wearing orange monk robes, and he looked exactly like a Shaolin monk from all the photos I've seen, but the people he was with were not monks. Anyhoo, I was wondering if this guy could be a Shaolin monk or a Buddhist monk? I dont know if Buddhist monks wear orange or not, and so I can't tell if this man was Buddhist, Shaolin or something else. Thanks.
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    Next time he comes in pick a fight with him. If he totally beats the living shit out of you then he's probably a Shaolin monk.

    If he blesses you and forgives your violence he's probably a Buddhist monk.

    If he gets you screwed, blued and tattooed then he's something else!
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    Buddhist monks tend to wear orange, red, and/or yellow depending on origin, status, etc. Orange robes are very common.

    I have been a buddhist for most of my adult life, and it just occurs to me I have no idea what the significance of the color is. Anyone know?


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    I know the colour is significant, I think 'Yellow' is the most harmonious colour (or something )

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    shades of saffron/orange are the most common for budhhist monks' robes.

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    Hari Krishna?
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    I believe orange is close related to the Therevada tradition, Grey with the Mahayana, and brown with the Esoteric... and I believe in the Chinese tradtions monks will wear one or the other dependiing on the day... (i don't know exactly how that works) whereas in Thailand they always wear orange.

    Could very well be wrong about that though

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    Buddhist monk robes

    I went to a Buddhist meditation seminara few years ago, and someone had the same question about the color of the robes. The nun giving the seminar said that the colors really didn't mean that much, they were just the colors that were available in India from the dyes that they had at the time.
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    ROFLMAO --- Serpent !

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    I'm getting this ad on Facebook... if I don't have a closet full of these already...

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    It is an outer gown used in various occasions. It crosses over the tops and underwear. It is usually the most conspicuous clothing in the image of Buddha.
    There are more pix and more colors. I'm guessing it's a Halloween play.

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