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Thread: Happy Halloween!

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    logic Guest

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

    Man,what a cool party last night.About 2 blocks away from my house there was this huge holloween party.I didn't know anyone there,but I saw all the cars parked out front and all the people on the front porch so I put my uniform on and a BRUCE LEE bandana and took my rubber chucks and crashed the party.Once I walked in the door this mummy hands me a beer and I said cool.loud music was playing,people were dancing,It was packed and I blended right in.
    I was there for about 2 hours when some drunk came up to me and said"let me see those nunchucks" I handed them to him and he said "these are made of rubber,you don't know karate".I said it's Kung Fu not karate but yes I do know karate and Kung Fu.All of a sudden he yells BULL**** in my face along with some spit.I said may I have my rubber chucks back.He dangeled them in front of my face and said "try and get em karate man". Well I snatched them out of his hands in a fraction of a second.Then he pushed my head with the palm of his hand and said "what are ye gonna do about it"(I'm thinking this guy is insane to pick a fight with me,but he is drunk)Then he takes this large round house swing at me and it was very easy to block and I counterd with a quick hard jab to the far head.He fell down and it was over.

    Then I met this cute girl there (and my girl friend is at her moms house at the time)She was sweet but her a-ss was a little fat but I still ended up making out with her on the sofa.
    over all it was a great party.I just got up,it's sunday morning and I had to tell someone.
    Thanks for letting me bend your ear.

    Honest Neutral Clarity

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    Apprentice Guest

    good story...

    but u shoulda tried to get some of that fat a-ss

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    Xebsball Guest
    I'm proud of you man, too bad there is no Halloween here, i could go as a shaolin monk.

    I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt
    I'm too sexy for your mother, too sexy for your mother
    So sexy, YEAH

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    jun_erh Guest

    you da man!

    Awesome story! one time I was in NYC and got invited to a party. I didn't have a costume so I wore my clothes inside out, like my underwear (clean thankfully) over my pants and even pulled my socks over my shoes and was inside out guy. I saw a picture of myself later, I was really drunk and had a visor on inside out and upside down. I looked really stupid but had a good time nonetheless.
    In Leung Ting's Wing Chun book, he has this guy who has a monobrow and "Wrong" written across his chest, usually demonstrating an incorrect posture or something. That would be a cool costume, the "wrong" guy. I don't think I'd pick a fight with a guy in a kung fu outfit even if it was halloween.

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    Sharky Guest
    where i come from, making out on the sofa is considered a failure.

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    joedoe Guest
    Where I come from, making out with a girl when your girlfriend is at home with her mother isn't exactly considered admirable either.

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    ged Guest
    i made out with a girl once :)

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    Sharky Guest
    Depends if it's a different postal code or not

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    tsunami surfer Guest
    To make that story really cool the girl with the big butt should be the drunks girlfriend and all he could do was helplessly watch while his friends dogged himm!!!!!

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    Sharky Guest
    indeed, in her room, 2 feet away from her sisters room.

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    SevenStar Guest

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

    I love Halloween!

    "Just because I joke around sometimes doesn't mean I'm serious about kung-fu.
    " - nightair

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    Budokan Guest

    K. Mark Hoover

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    Kung Lek Guest

    Kung Lek

    Martial Arts Links

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    phantom Guest

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

    I would like to wish everyone a very happy, safe, fun Halloween! Peace. :D

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    Martial Joe Guest

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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